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We are happy to host the dinner series "NUR" with chef chef Nurdin Topham on 25, 26 May 2018. In his 20 plus years working as a chef, cooking in the UK, Copenhagen and Hong Kong, Nurdin Topham’s core focus has been joining the dots between nutrition and gastronomy. Currently living in London where he was born , he is on a journey exploring how he can offer the most nourishing foods to guests but not at the expense of delicious taste. 

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The majority of his formative years, Nurdin spent cooking with Raymond Blanc as his Development Chef and later entrusted to run The Raymond Blanc Cookery School. It was during this time he furthered his interest in nutrition, gaining a qualification as a nutritional therapist. Sources of inspiration come from time working in the Nordic Food Lab in Copenhagen, travelling in Japan and cooking with Japanese and Asian ingredients.

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Nurdin's largest project to date was restaurant NUR in Hong Kong, which opened in April of 2014. The vision was to serve a holistic food experience with a consideration for nutrition and an exploration of ingredients from the region, with dedication to house made fermented foods. NUR earned a Michelin star in October 2014 and was one of Hong Kong's leading dining destinations until its close August 2016. 

New York Times, Frank Bruni described it as: “With a scrupulous emphasis on the best vegetables, fish and meat available and with absolutely flawless cooking, Mr. Topham produces food thats sensationally robust without being the least bit rich. Its almost oxymoronic, packing a light wallop, with a clearness and purity of effect that Ive seldom encountered.”

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In 2017 Nurdin was part of the event wastED in London. A project teaming up Selfridges and Dan Barber, from the well established Blue Hill restaurant in New York. Nurdin was in charge of the series of guest chefs. He worked alongside an array of worldwide leading chefs, such as Raymond Blanc, Gordon Ramsay, Alain Ducasse, Matt Orlando, Christian Puglisi; and the list goes on. Focusing on food waste, this experience was eye-opening and contributed enormously to the currently important food waste movement.

Since then, Nurdin has been cooking at the michelin starred restaurant Hedone in London. He is now working on a promising new project, which is still to be revealed.  

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Dinner starts at 8pm, and guests are welcome from 7:30pm onwards. The set menu costs £50, and an optional drinks pairing menu will be available for £35. To book "NUR" dinners on 25, 26 May hit the button below. To avoid disappointment, book early and let us know your dietary requirements. 

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