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SpontanScran II

After last year's successful event, we are super excited to present a second edition to this unique collaboration exploring the world of spontaneously fermented sour beers. On the 12, 13, 14 April we are joined by beer connoisseur Joe Dick for a dinner series featuring a drinks pairing of wild fermented beers. 


Joe Dick is a staunch defender of the Lambic tradition and all things spontaneously fermented. Previously of The Hanging Bat, a pioneering bar of the UK beer scene, Joe is now working with renowned beer importers James Clay.  In this environment he fosters a deep desire to understand the full spectrum of beer diversity. Under the employ of James Clay, Joe is able to spread this desire further than the bar room and is developing the interest, and tastes, of the whole of Scotland. 

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Spontaneous and wild fermentations are incredibly challenging brewing processes to master, but the results produced are some of the most complex and nuanced in the industry.  Even breweries who have utilised these methods for centuries would never claim to have fully ‘understood’ the techniques they use and microflora involved - wild fermentation will always remain, to a certain extent, a dark art. These styles constitute a tiny portion of global beer production, but this is beer in it’s most essential form. The history dates back to the first time somebody made a bowl of porridge and forgot about it.

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Fast forward a few millennia, wild fermented beer is now enjoying a global revival after very nearly being killed off in the latter part of the 20th century by the enormous growth of industrial brewing conglomerates. The advent of global travel, immediate knowledge sharing and a new age in microbiology means that we are now in the most exciting era to be making and drinking off-piste beers.

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In many ways the resurgence in Spontaneous and Wild beer can be linked to developments in the Natural and Biodynamic Wine movements. Bacterial and yeast ecologies are being harvested in every corner of the world to inoculate worts of indigenous grains. they are ageing in complex barrels from local drinks, and macerated with native fruits and herbs. The resulting beers are imbued with the character of both the brewer and the place they were made.

The beers chosen by Joe to be presented during the weekend are rare gems. This is a unique opportunity for all fermented drink lovers. Here's the list of what we will be opening:
Zenne y Frontera & Hommage by 3 Fonteinen
Dude Geuze Black Label by Boon
Lambicus Blanche by Timmermans
Oudbeitje by Hanssens
Cuvée René Kriek by Lindemans

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The EFS team will be rising to this creative challenge, and after tasting these beers, rolling out a tasting menu designed to match their flavours. Typically in this industry drinks are the ones paired to pre-defined dishes. But for this event, dishes will be created in response to the drinks; and Joe Dick will talk us through the history and fascinating methods used to make these unique drinks. 

Dinner starts at 8pm, and guests are welcome from 7:30pm onwards. The set menu costs £50, and an optional drinks pairing menu will be available for £35. To book "SpontanScran II" dinners on 12, 13, 14 April 2018 hit the button below. To avoid disappointment, book early and let us know your dietary requirements. 

Earlier Event: April 8
Later Event: April 19
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