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The Hit Lessons

Over the last (almost) two years since opening we have been truly honoured to play host to a truly amazing selection of guest chefs. Every time we host a new guest we are very conscious of what we learn, and every time someone new comes, we assimilate a little bit of their knowledge.

Through hosting so many different popups, we witness varied cooking styles and are exposed to diverse ingredients & knowledge. In order to provide for these one-off menus we are required to find diverse and wonderful ingredients we have often never worked with, causing us to be in contact with a wide variety of high quality producers across Scotland, exposing us to treats we would have otherwise never known existed.

For the Edinburgh Festival period, we will bring you some of the strongest ideas, referencing the many guest chefs who have taught us so much along the way. We will bring you a menu of our most important lessons from the guest chefs, referenced to give credit where due, but inevitably innovating on the dish, and giving you our version, or development of the idea or concept. This is at once an homage to our myriad collaborators, and an opportunity for us to revisit, develop and further refine ideas and techniques shown to us since we opened.

Over the festival period we will be open from Tuesday - Saturday, all our guests arrive around 7:30pm, leaving some time to get settled, and perhaps enjoy an aperitif before dinner starts at 8pm, and is finished by 11pm. Come and celebrate with us, bring your empty bellies, full smiles and open minds, our tasting menu costs £42, and there is an optional wine pairing at £35, hit the 'BOOK NOW' button below to secure your place.

Later Event: August 4
Native Lands