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Brooklyn Amici

Brooklyn Brewery's Andrew Gerson with EFS's Ben Reade and Sashana Souza Zanella

Brooklyn Brewery's Andrew Gerson with EFS's Ben Reade and Sashana Souza Zanella

This collab is going to be outrageous. Brooklyn Brewery X Edinburgh Food Studio for three nights of reunion, food, friends and beer.

Brooklyn Brewery have always held food very close to their hearts. Thanks to Brewmaster Garrett Oliver’s books and their initiative at the Culinary Institute of America, the Brooklyn Brewery has become a leader in the culinary world.

In recognition of this leadership role, the brewery hired a house chef and Head of Culinary Programming, Chef Andrew Gerson in 2013 with over ten years of culinary experience as a cook, educator and activist. 

Chef Andrew is a graduate of the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy where he studied for two years after spending a year cooking in Rome. It was during this time that he met Ben Reade; chance left them living in the same house. The bell at the front door said AMICI (Association of Friends), and together they ensured the house lived up to its name, throwing countless dinner parties, the extravagance of which has rarely been seen.

The buzzer. 

The buzzer. 

Chefs Ben and Andrew are coming together in June 2017 at Edinburgh Food Studio for a convivial night combining limited and unreleased bottles from Brooklyn Brewery paired with the most delicious ingredients of Scotland. This dinner series will transport the ethos of the apartment in which they met though space and time, recreating the legendary feel of those bountiful dinners held in the tiny town Bra, where the organisation Slow Food was first established.

We'll say this will be a 7 course dinner, but don't expect convention. Andrew and Ben are hoping to reach new heights in breaking convention, building conviviality and providing an interactive menu that allows the beer, and the company to sing

The price for the dinner is £65, and this price includes beer. Brooklyn will bring a barrel load of different ghost bottles, these exclusive beers are some of the rarest and most sought-after beers in the world. 

Heres the button. Push it.

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