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A Month of Sunday Brunch: Valentine's Day

David Crabtree Logan is an Edinburgh chef who recently did the pop-up restaurant Scratch Series with Ben Reade. He worked with Tom Kitchen, and at Tony Borthwick's Plumed Horse, David has been cooking at most interesting venues across the West Coast of USA, and currently runs The Table at Hillside with Sariann Lehrer. David spent the autumn preparing and selling his amazing preserves of foraged ingredients. 

He is a talented and manual chef that knows how to make no-nonsense, delicious food. He will be moving to England to work at the Royal Oak Pub shortly after these brunches - so make sure you taste his food before he leaves.

For those of you who experienced the delights of the Scratch Series, this is your last chance in the foreseeable future to taste what Ben and David conjure up together.

Join us for an abundant and bountiful afternoon brunch on the 7, 14, 21, and 28 February from 10am to 3pm. You can choose between a 4 course for 25£ or 1 course for 10£. Be prepared to eat! Here's the schedule of the Month of Sunday Brunch:

7 February: Old Scots
Exploring old Scottish traditional recipes, sumptuous and copious food is on the menu.

14 February: Valentine's Day
Inspired by Victorian times, this brunch will bring lush, lust, and gluttony on the table.  

21 February: USA
A feed extravaganza exploring deliciously rich dishes of the American brunch.

28 February: Instanbrunch
Visit Istanbul, with its Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean influences for an exotic, fresh and lavish meal.

To book a seat please contact or call +44 (0) 131 258 0758.